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Dry Running Seal – SD1 and SD2

Seal Type SD1 and SD2 Mechanical Seals are designed for Top, Bottom and Side Entry Drives in Agitators, Mixers OR Blenders in case when Non-Aggressive and Non-Hazardous Media are sealed with the use of Cooling Liquid Preventing against Dry Running.

Construction of MOC designed these Seals purpose of holding whole Rotary Parts together with the help of Snap Rings which make it easy for Installation and Removal.

  • Balance Pusher Seals used for Sealing Environment.
  • Dry Run Seals are excellent in High Speed Seals for Operation in Vacuum Conditions as well as Undemanding Mixers applications.
  • In SD1 & SD2 Cool Set designed Mating Ring help to dissipate the Heat from Faces.
  • This Type Seal design may use either without Bearing OR with Integral Bearing.
  • These Seals are a Multiple Spring basically externally Mounted Seal with 'O' Ring as Secondary Sealing member. Various Elastomers can be offered for various media application
  • Seal Ring Faces: Spl. Carbon
  • Seat Faces: SiC
  • Elastomer: Viton, TTV, FEP and FFKM
    Operating Capabilities:
  • Shaft Dia.: 25mm to 150mm
  • Pressure: Full Vacuum to 8 bar
  • Temperature: -30oC to 140oC
  • Speed: 900 R.P.M.

  • Top Entry Mixers
  • Agitators
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Corrosive and General Light Chemicals
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Prouduct
  • STANDARDS :- As per customer's Drawings and specifications

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