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About Us

Hi-Tech Seal Pvt. Ltd. The company who has created name in dynamic sealing systems, through offering simple sealing solutions. Besides being a complete source for sealing experise, we produce sealing systems for individual industries.

In short, the right seal for the right application. Our products and systems are backed by rigorous quality control and the industry's finest Research & Development infrastructure. We are having range of products like mechanical Seal, Mechanical Seals, conical spring seal, single spring seal, m spring o ring seal, m spring wedge type seal, wedge type spring seal, teflon bellow seal, rubber bellow seal, metal bellow seal, reverse balanced seal, high temperature seal, cartridge seal, double mechanical pump seal, dry running seal, agitator seal, textile industries seal, compressor seal, food industries seals, rotary unions, mechanical seal face, pumps spare parts & thermosyphon.

Our vast experience and the mode of working in design & product development focuses on the satisfaction of growing needs for superior sealing performance specially in the rotating equipments required by the industry.

Hi-Tech Seal Pvt. Ltd. Design and development engineers have a vast experience in mechanical seal and have improvised through advanced technology over the years.

We are thoroughly equipped with modern sophisticated machinery and technicians to develop a versatile range of HTE seals and are poised to meet any challenges.

Our experience has resulted in our reputation for solving various problems in industries such as:

  1. Chemical
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Petrochemicals,
  4. Minerals
  5. Oils
  6. Refinery
  7. Fertilizers & Marine Technology

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